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Knight's Dungeon is a puzzle game where you must solve word, number, color, push-block, and music puzzles to advance through the dungeon. You use an in-game journal to automatically record information as you find it. Hints can be obtained in the game by playing a parallel game. 10 hours minimum of challenging and original puzzles!

It was influenced by games like Myst and Legend of Zelda. This game was started because most puzzles in games are far too easy and seem to be targeted at a much younger audience. This is a game for people who don't want to spend only a few seconds trying to solve a puzzle. There is no combat, leveling, or even a menu in this game; just puzzles.

I made the game in RPG Maker VX. I did the music and graphics myself. All puzzles in the game are by me.

Install instructions

Unzip and launch the exe on (almost) any windows computer - no install required.


Knights Dungeon.zip 64 MB

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